Giant Mosaic Making

Have a smashing time whilst bringing out the creativity and artistic talents of your team, smashing mosaics into little pieces with hammers and making giant mosaics out of the different colours.

Thanks to some creative thinking on our side, this activity is completely clean – no cement or glue is required so it can be done in your hotel room, meeting space, historic venue – wherever you require in fact.

How does our mosaic making activity work?

This activity can be done with as many people as you wish – there is no limit. Teams of 8-10 work together to make the mosaics, which are normally 120cm by 80cm, although that can be changed. We provide coloured tiles in 12 different colours to work with, which can either be “pre-smashed” or whole. Either way a bit of extra smashing will normally be required to get the right size pieces to fit those awkward spaces that arise.

A good idea is to suggest a theme – growth, diversity, truth etc – something related to your company's goals and beliefs perhaps – and to ask the teams to interpret the theme in any way they feel appropriate. This allows their creative juices to flow freely, and brings out the artist inside of the team in a way no other activity can. After creating their artwork, we can ask the teams to present their works and explain the connection. We can then judge the winner ourselves, or we can ask all of the participants to vote. It's up to you.

An alternative option is to decide a design in advance, and make a super-giant mosaic, by joining the different works that each team prepares together. This concept is useful when you wish to make an enormous company logo for example, perhaps mixed with an original art design, and would require a minimum of 4 teams to make it work. We can prepare the design for you in advance, and then we print it in full size format to use as a template in the production.

Whichever method you choose, be sure that your teams will be working together with full participation to get the job done. Teamwork is an absolute necessity to get the artwork finished in time, and experience has shown that this activity moves and compels everyone to get really interactive. It's fun, it's creative, and it leads to some artwork of surprisingly high standard – so good that you'll want to hang the pieces on your walls. 

Of course we provide everything you need for the activity – mosaic smashing boards, tables, tiles, hammers, protective glasses etc. We give an introduction to the activity and tips on how to make your mosaics more impressive, and we assist with any questions and needs of the teams during the activity.


Price: £45 per person

Duration: 2 – 3 hours (the time frame can be adjusted somewhat to meet your needs.)

Location: This is a portable activity and can be provided in the venue of your choice, in London or anywhere in the UK (subject to travel considerations). Venue costs are not included in the price. We require a minimum of 15 m2 open space per team.

Group size: Minimum 20 people, no maximum size.

This is the perfect activity for large groups, as there is no maximum number of participants. We simply replicate the materials required for each team as many times as is necessary.

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