Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery

Our original murder mystery game that joins London's world-famous detective Sherlock Holmes with a whole host of characters from the same detective series.

 Fun and interactive for everyone, this activity will turn your gala dinner event into something special. But be careful - with murder, blackmail, betrayal and robbery lurking around every corner, not all of your guests may be making it out of there alive!

Everybody participates in this activity, no matter how many of you there are. Each guest takes on one of the character's from the game. They receive their “secrets” on a card which they can keep to themselves, exchange or use in any way they see fit to their pursue their own goals. They also receive a “chance card” which gives them different abilities, including the ability to murder or rob other players. They can use or trade these cards as they wish, but once used, the card cannot be used again and must be destroyed.

In games with over 14 participants, the characters are simply repeated, so that the game can be played by any number of people – even groups of 200 can play and all be involved. The more the merrier!


1. To identify the murderer in the “main murder” (performed in the acts)

2. To gain as much wealth as possible in whatever manner possible

An extra prize or recognition goes to the “best actor” for their performance in the theatrical part of the activity.

Game play:

The activity evolves through interaction between the participants. They can choose to share their own secrets, or secrets they have learned about others. They also have capacities to force the others to tell them their secrets or to do something for them. They can also rob, blackmail or kill – depending on the chance cards they receive at the start of the game.

Further information is provided through the performances, acted out by the participants themselves. There are 5 acts including the murder itself, which arrives at the end of the evening. 

The secondary goal of gaining money can be achieved via selling secrets, blackmailing other players, murder or theft or any other means. This can be added to by organising poker games as part of the activity or by adding a full virtual casino into the mix.

Venue: Of your choice. The activity should be combined with a dinner. We suggest formal wear

Duration: Approximately 2 hours including the dinner

Extras: We provide props such as top hats and walking sticks, guns, etc for the performers in the different acts. You could also provide further props for all guests, or even a full casino to add to the fun and games.

Price: £35 per person

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