Making Music Videos

Looking for something really different to do this year? Something fun? Something creative? Something that you can all laugh your socks off at? This is it.

Get ready for the ultimate team building experience, the one that the entire company will be talking about for months...and showing at events for years to come. Get ready to make your very own music videos...

Making a music video is just plain fun - plus, you get to see something of London during your shoot and see cool, interesting places. Each team will be hitting the streets with its own professional video camera and iPad (for downloading lyrics and tunes) and will have a professional editor waiting to cut and paste their creation into a professional masterpiece. Before you go out we'll explain about using the camera and help you in coming up with a storyline and style for your video. Then we head out into the city and film your "band" putting their ideas into action.

Don't panic – you don't actually have to sing. You just have to mouth the words along to the tune – it's easy and great fun. More important in any case is the story line you come up with to fit the music. The music videos of the 80s are classic sources of inspiration here - will you be zombies dancing to Thriller? Or welders yearning to do their own Flashdance? The choice is totally yours..

Songs: You can choose any song you like for the activity, but we suggest songs that are not too complicated so that people can easily get to grip with the lyrics. Songs which suggest storylines are good to work with. Rap is generally a bit hard to learn in a short space of time. And don't worry if you're a bit stuck for ideas - we have lots of suggestions if you want as well.

After the filming our professional editors then cut the different parts and deliver the completed video to you by email within 24 hours of the event. Although we can't provide you with the final video immediately, we may be able to prepare at least one example for the corporate meal that night, if desired. We do require at least 5 hours of editing time for each video.

All in all one of the funniest ways to discover London and the hidden talents of your colleagues. This is one team-building activity you'll happily remember for a long, long time. Ask us for some sample videos or check one out here: Youtube video example 


Price: £65 per person

Duration: 3-4 hours (flexible)

Location: We need to work in areas where we will not cause inconvenience. In Eastbourne the beach is a great setting, as are the South Downs. But there are many other spaces we could also use

Filming permits: It is permitted to film in most public spaces, but any disruption to the public right of way would require a permission. We ask all teams to avoid causing inconvenience to other people or filming in sensitive areas.

Wet weather: There are lots of places that are covered and we can film, whatever the weather. Access to Hotel terraces, bars, swimming pools and lounge areas make for good settings to film in, if you are staying in a hotel. Alternatively we can look at hiring a covered venue. Prices for this are not included in the activity price.

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