Willow Weaving Sculptures

There's something that just seems right about working with all natural, replenishable materials - such as our UK grown willow - and making something beautiful that you can keep.

Willow weaving 3D sculptures is a truly original and inspiring activity, which draws out the creativity of your team and demands a real team effort to be successful. The reward is also impressive - you'll be surprised how good your sculptures will be...


We'll introduce you first of all to some basic principles of willow weaving, and each team will have a couple of examples of forms - circles, balls, flat shapes - that they can refer back to and even use in their project of course. We suggest working in teams of 6-8 people, so that everyone has a voice, but also you have enough hands to get something impressive together in a relatively short time.

The technique we mainly use is known as random weaving, and requires the least technical knowledge, but we will also show you some more formal weaving patterns that are easy and look good as well. And then, with just 10 minutes of explanation behind you, you'll be on to your own project

For inspiration we suggest choosing a word - maybe something that means something to your company - but we also suggest leaving the exact interpretation fairly open, to allow the creative juices their maximum liberty. Later on, the explanation of the artwork will be a part of the overall judging, and originality of ideas will count as much as physical aesthetics.

What can you expect to make? Well, with 6 to 8 people and 2 to 3 hours of activity, you can probably create a sculpture about the size of a large dog. A dog itself might be hard to portray - it really depends on the artists - but something like a giant egg in an egg cup could be possible. Or maybe you'll think of something a little more abstract...

Whatever you make, we're sure you'll be pleased with the result as well as the process - it's illuminating to see how easy it is to work with willow and how creative you can be with your hands. And maybe the sculptures will end up being a treasured focal point of your offices too!


Price: £25 per person

Venue: This activity can be done in any space, indoor or outdoor. We will require tables to work on and space to work in (minimum 2 m2 per person)

Group size: Any group size from 20 people upwards.

Duration: Approximately 3 hours

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