Build a Straw Bale House

Straw bale houses are wonderful creations – homes that are built from straw but look amazing and offer unequalled levels of insulation.

These wonderful homes are fantastic for the environment and actually easier to self-build than regular houses - so what could be better than building one? In just 3 hours...!

Of course in reality we're not going to build a full size home. It would probably make a mess of the meeting room anyway. But we will make a pretty big room, with windows, door frame, and the structure to hold the roof in place

This will be a serious team effort of course – and requires the full team working together to bring the job off successfully. We have to cut bales into half bales, make spikes from willow poles, and build up a 7 foot straw bale wall with both header and base structure. Quite a lot to do in 3 hours!

Houses are normally build outdoors of course – the natural setting for this activity – but in fact it can just as well be done indoors. No nails or screws required, so the activity is totally safe as well.

This is a big activity – the minimum group size per house is therefore 20 people. With bigger groups we can make more houses and compare them for quality of build, style and imagination to make this a competitive event if required

The activity can also be combined with a longer talk on Sustainable Living and Renewable Energies by Scott Doane, the founder of Fresh Activities. 


Price: £95 per person

Duration: 3 hours 

Location: This is a portable activity and can be provided in the venue of your choice, in London or anywhere in the UK (subject to travel considerations). Venue costs are not included in the price. We require a minimum of 50 m2 open space per house to be built. 

Group size: Minimum 20 people, no maximum size. 

This is the perfect activity for large groups, as there is no maximum number of participants. We simply replicate the materials required for each team as many times as is necessary.

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