Video Activity - Shared Values (developing CSR)

Sharing our values and beliefs through a creative activity like this one, helps a team to connect as human beings with common goals,

whilst connecting the company with it's role as a leader in society. In this activity each team produces a video, highlighting one of these shared values. CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility implies a business being a responsible member of the society and world in which we live.

The process of choosing the subject in this case is as important as the actually activity itself. First we will watch an example of a video that brings across a powerful but simple message, using imagery rather than words to highlight a topic of global concern.

Then the teams will have a controlled conversation, aided by our monitors (one per team). The conversation will bring out topics that are important to each individual, and then ask the team to focus on one of these topics for their own video. The team will then think creatively about how to portray the message that they wish to convey through imagery alone.

Our monitors – trained camera people and editors – will assist the team to find realistic and effective ways to communicate through their film. Together the team will go out and film the necessary footage, which can be shot indoors or outdoors depending on where the activity takes place.

After the shooting process is complete, the team will go through the material with the monitor, and create a story-board for the final video. The editing can be done within about 4-5 hours, so the videos could even be ready for an evening gala dinner if the activity is carried out in the morning.

Activity Details:

  • Duration: 3-4 hours
  • Team size: 8-10 people

Price: £65 per person

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