City Games - Tactical Warfare

A kind of cross between War games the Da Vinci Code and the Matrix, this tactical game requires the teams to crack the clues that lead them around the city, finding new clues on the way, and deliver their “key master” safely to the exit portal.

To help them, each team is equipped with walkie-talkies, iPads and a tracking device, which allows them to see where the other key masters the cost of showing their own key master position.

Available for any city in the UK, the different routes will take the teams through some of the most charming parts of the city as well as some of the lesser known sites. The route will include 2 points in which drinks are available for each team, and 4 other points in which our actors will provide the clues. All the teams will be following different routes, but their paths will cross at times – times which will prove dangerous for the teams

The job for the team is to keep the key master away from the other teams by keeping a look-out and keeping them on the move, until they can find the final portal to deliver the key master to. The key masters can be wounded at any time by opposing teams who find them – if the key masters have been wounded then they need more time to open the portal. 

Tactics can be defensive or attacking – tracking down other key masters will make it much harder for that team to win, but tracking down others means having less people defending your own key master. And everyone in the whole team can also attack or be attacked too, so there is no easy ride for anyone. There are safe points on the route too – but good luck getting out of them!

The team who opens the portal fastest is the winner, but the strength points that all the team has left are taken into consideration as well as the finishing time, so you need to be fast as well as careful!

Equipment per team:

  • Tablet equipped with GPS tracking software – shows your location and the location of the other teams. This will be carried by the “key master”
  • 2 walkie talkies
  • City maps
  • Coloured bandanas to identify the different team members – must be worn conspicuously
  • Power points

Other details:

Game time: 2-3 hours

Group size: we suggest 8 people per team.

Minimum 24 people

Price: £35 per person

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