Giant Painting

You don't need to be Picasso to paint. By working together as a team you'll be surprised what you can come up with.

This is a great activity for bringing out the creative juices and for bringing the team together in a wholesome and fun way.

So how does the creative process work?

  • First we make teams. We suggest teams of 6-8 people is best - small enough for everyone to get involved and big enough to achieve something impressive
  • Then we get you to experiment - everyone gets a small canvas to have a play with, and some ideas for styles to try out - we're more interested in expressionist concepts than portrait or landscape art here, so it's all about colours and flow
  • Then the team decides on a style and a subject, and together they attack the big canvas

The final product is a piece of art about 1.60 meters by 1.20 meters - in other words big! And now the teams get the opportunity to present the artwork to their colleagues - with explanations that often prove just as creative as the painting itself.

Finally a prize is awarded to the team deemed to be the winner - either we can be the judges of that, or we can work on an "applause judgement basis"

Price per person: £45

Venue: This activity can be done anywhere, but the venue needs to be happy with paint being used. The paint we use is acrylic, which is like oil in texture but is water based, so can be washed off. However it is hard to shift once it has dried, so the ideal venue would be an outdoor space. Venue hire is not included in the price

Floor protection: We provide plastic sheets to cover the areas where we work, but people walk on the sheets - and then they walk everywhere else. Complete protection is almost impossible as such! For a less messy activity along these lines we suggest the mosaic making activity, which only generates a little dust and small pieces of tiles - easier to vacuum clean!

Clothing: We provide aprons for participants but also suggest that people wear old clothes that they don't mind getting some paint on. If people are careful, it's easy to avoid getting paint on themselves - but people are not always so careful, and may get carried away with the fun. We've known people paint their own faces in this activity!

Mixing the colours is all part of the process..


As is having a beer sometimes!

painting in teams

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